Trot Short

  • Werkman Trot Short front shoes are available with a toe clip while the hind shoes are available with side clips or unclipped.
  • Trot Short is designed as a wide and round pattern.
  • The Trot Short is a very light and strong shoe.
  • Trot short has different Widths: Front 17 mm, Hind 14 or 16 mm wide.

Trot Long/Trot Rim Long

  • Werkman Trot Long front and hind shoes are available unclipped or with a toe clip.
  • Long, elegant shape.
  • The Trot Long is a very light and strong shoe.
  • Trot Long has different Widths: Front 17 mm, Hind 14 or 16 mm wide.


  • Trot RIM Long has a fully fullered toe for less weight and increased traction
  • Trot RIM Long is only available in Hind Toe clip 15×6 mm

Trot Half Round

  • Werkman Trot Half Round shoes come in a front pattern, unclipped.
  • Trot Half Round is designed as a X fullered shoe with a half round stock profile.
  • The half round profile provides easy break-over in all directions.
  • Available in 13×6,5 mm and 16×8 mm width. 
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Julien Guinet (France)

Ever since I began working as a farrier, I was able to try out various models. For me, the Warrior is without a doubt the best horseshoe I have ever used. The shape of the hind shoe is simply perfect!

The toe is wide enough to allow shearing. The nail holes are formed excellently and well suited for small nails. Sometimes, I have to use E-Slim 3 in no. 3, and it always stays perfectly in place. It is a valuable product, namely for German or Dutch horses, which have small feet and little hoof wall.

Maxime Perret (France)

The original shape of the Warrior horseshoe is very close to the shape I prefer for my horseshoes and can easily be modified on the anvil. The nail holes are suitable for small nails and are always properly drilled. The finish always looks good, it is pleasant to work with, and there are no scales that will rip your hands open!

Shane Togami (USA)

I think Werkman does a fantastic job! They ask us what we think about the shoes we’re using. They take the answers serious and apply our suggestions to their products.

Serge Lardier (France)

Werkman Horseshoes is a very modern company, they take their development and service very seriously and don’t lose their personality in the process. The models are perfect for the high end show jumpers that I shoe. Especially the Warrior Special. I love working with that particular shoe.

Great service for the farrier!

Mitch Taylor (USA)

The quality of the shoes are an extension of the way the Werkman family runs the factory. The shoes are always cutting edge; fit and ware are better than any other factory made shoe.

I’ve known the Werkman family for 15 years and the value and effort that they put in their family is the same as they put in their factory. This is also how they treat their workers; you can tell that they are happy. The Werkman family cares for their workers like they care for the development and production of the shoes.

The Werkman family is down to earth and very interested in what farriers want and what the horse needs.

James Woods (Ireland)

Great shoes! Easy to fit and the wide variety of models makes it easy to find a shoe for every foot. The shoes are forged out of high quality steel and very well finished which makes it easier to do a good job on the foot.

It’s clear that Werkman has a solid research behind their models.

Olivier Smink (The Netherlands)

The shoes have a perfect finish, the nail holes, clips and models are just what I need to keep my customers satisfied. Werkman Horseshoes first turns to the farrier in order to find out what their demand is and then moulds all these wishes into the one perfect shoe. Change up the sentence- As a farrier, working with Werkman Horseshoes is always a pleasant experience. I always feel appreciated and welcomed; it’s those little extras they do for their clients that makes all the difference to me.