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Farriers are experts in the field of horseshoeing. They know, better than anyone, the connection between good horseshoes and the horse’s performance. Therefore, they require top-quality horseshoes tailored to the anatomy of the hoof; fully functional with the proper finish. Werkman horseshoes meet the contemporary high expectations of farriers. Our product line consists of quality products finished in detail, which you, the farrier, will elevate the vitality of the hoof to a higher level in order to enhance the performance of the horse.

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🇬🇧 Werkman Hoofcare takes pride in introducing the Werkman Nails. Excellent fit in all V-fullers and plain punched horseshoes. And in a new box with magnetic lid. Available from 20 August 2024 at our dealers across the globe! Grab yours, ask your dealer! 🇩🇪 Werkman Hoofcare stellt stolz vor: die Werkman Nägel. Hervorragende Passform in allen V-Füllern und einfach gestanzten Hufeisen. Und in einer neuen Box mit magnetischem Deckel. Erhältlich ab dem 20. August 2024 bei unseren Händlern in der ganzen Welt! Fragen Sie Ihren Händler danach! 🇧🇶 Werkman Hoofcare introduceert met trots: de Werkman Nagels. Uitstekend passend in alle V-fullers en gewone hoefijzers. Én in een nieuw doosje met magnetisch deksel. Verkrijgbaar vanaf 20 augustus 2024 bij onze dealers over de hele wereld! Vraag ernaar bij uw dealer!