Testimonial – Jaime Marco-García


Werkman BLACK offers me, as a professional vet-farrier, a wide range of possibilities. Firstly, it offers an excellent graphic representation which allows, not only to see different parameters of the hoof from different perspectives (landing, break over, swing, timings…), but also speed them up or slow them down, amongst other options. Secondly, it is an interesting assessment tool due to the objective meassurements provided (landing and breakover times, stride high, lenght, percentage difference between stance phases…); even more, it can synthesise a lot of information in few seconds. This is why it is a fantastic teaching tool.

Furthermore, all those features mentioned above help me to improve the relation and
communication with my clients and with other colleagues.

On top of that, Werkman BLACK provides a better understanding of my own daily job helping me to do selfassessment.
In fact, this tool lets me dissociate from other farriers and vets, which improves my
brand equity providing a new perpective of our profession.

Last but not least, I consider it as an electronic assessment device with great potential due to its
endless possibilities, which allow it to be a perfect tool for reasearching.

Signed by,

Jaime Marco-García, LV, DVM, Msc, MRCVS