Werkman Black supports evaluation techniques

So this is Marco. Some of you will recognize him as one of my case studies I’ve been presenting at Werkman Black clinics.
Marco suffered lameness from a distal lateral collateral ligament injury left fore and had undergone treatment at Pool House Veterinary Hospital In Lichfield, Staffordshire.

I’ve measured Marco every time he’s shod or trimmed since October 2018 every five weeks. The great news is now he’s sound following pioneering PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) MRI guided injection to the injured collateral ligament.

I’m reassured each time I measure Marco with Werkman Black immediately after new shoes, I can improve his landing times and mid stance and breakover are noticeably better after Werkman Warrior Special fronts are applied to create a more symmetrical gait of the front feet with great heel support and easy breakover.
Marco is a great little horse and has taught me so much about equine movement and lameness. Sometimes he feels he should take off and run away during a measurement (not ideal) but the Werkman Black sensors survived and it’s good to see Marco feeling well enough to return to work.

Werkman Black supports our evaluation techniques and gives me an accurate record of every case I treat in my farriery clinics. I now know with the help of Werkman Black that I can normalise Marco’s strides and help his landings, mid stance and breakover be more symmetrical and even thus encouraging sound strides and give quantitative analysis which I can share with Marcos owner and treating veterinary surgeons.

Jonathan Nunn, FWCF – United Kingdom