Jonathan Nunn (UK)

The system is in a tough and durable case so it can outstand the rough circumstances of our day to day work. The sensors are light weighted and quick to fit to a horse therefor it’s a very easy operation with only a couple of minutes to set up. The software automatically recognizes transitions of stride in one continuous measurement.

How can it help my business? Gives an accurate record of progress of both lame or sound measured horses, I can charge for measurements. Werkman BLACK can generate profit and provide important helpful information, Werkman BLACK correlates visual observation to support my trimming and shoeing plans I apply, Werkman BLACK can help my clients understand better the importance of maintaining good foot balance and footcare, Werkman BLACK will support and evidence improvements in stride patterns, Werkman BLACK is a valuable educational and research tool. I’m very excited about this new product and I believe it’s a great benefit to our job