Pushing the Werkman Black device to its limits

So, I’m measuring every day now with Werkman Black in my daily farrier practice in Staffordshire. Josh and Jaime are both getting familiar and used to operating and interpreting the immediate data it gives us. Last week we measured two young thoroughbred foals which as far as I know are the first measurements of foals ever with Werkman Black. Exciting and innovative times ahead as every day brings new measurements and fresh challenges.

I have hundreds of various measurements already stored on my device that have not only made me question some recognized shoeing and trimming methods but help me be assured that often I am making positive changes to horses and improving stride patterns, breakover and landing times.

As a Werkman team farrier I am pushing the Werkman Black device to its limits and the capabilities are amazing and ever developing and evolving. Every day brings something new and I’m very lucky to be a part of this innovative adventure.
Jonathan Nunn, FWCF