See the unseen

BLACK takes your skills to the next level The hoof moves many times faster than we can observe with the naked eye. That’s why we’ve developed BLACK, the first and only mobile gait analysis system for farriers in the world. This tool enables you to monitor gait over time. High-precision sensors digitally record the smallest hoof movements and converts them into a 3D animation with overviews that are easy to interpret. Specially developed for the hoof, the motion sensors collect all relevant data on landing, breakover and swing phase. Discover the power of continuous feedback on intervention and follow the development of movement over time. BLACK visualises what the naked eye cannot see and a camera cannot record. See the unseen.


Better horses through smarter and insightful tracking

Mapping the gait

High-precision sensors digitally record the smallest hoof movements and timings in Landing, Stance, Breakover and Swing.

Quantify and compare

Monitoring makes it possible to detect deviations at an early stage. This enables preventive action (monitoring, early detection of movement compensation). Recovery/revalidation can also be closely tracked by comparing new measurements to previous measurements of the same animal. Left/right variations can be detected as well.

Communicate and share

BLACK facilitates fact-based communication instead of data interpreted by eye.

We are very thankful for your votes. Werkman BLACK has won the first place in
the “Equine Health & Care” category of THE HORSE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2019 the prize in the Netherlands.