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Werkman BLACK takes your skills to the next level!


Better performance through smart, expert mapping

Werkman BLACK is the first gait mapping system that can distinguish landing, stance and break-over in time and movement. These data are shown in different images and in a 3D animation that can be played back at different speeds. Werkman BLACK only measures the forelegs, and can be used on both hard and soft surfaces with the horse walking or trotting in a straight line.

The eye cannot follow a horse’s movement, but high-precision sensors (1140 Hertz) make this movement visible. The information is converted into objectively interpretable data, in the form of a 3D animation and visual representation.

This enables the following:

  • Mapping the gait: A measurement takes approximately one minute. Including data interpretation, you receive a clear picture of the results within five minutes.
  • Quantify and compare the data to a previous measurement on the same horse.
  • Communicate and share the measurement report easily and quickly using an email link.

Werkman BLACK is a portable system

Werkman BLACK comes in a handy, lightweight case. The portable system can take measurements at any location. The case contains:

  • SENSORS. The case is fitted with two splash-proof sensors. In the future, you can easily expand the case to four sensors. Because each sensor weighs just 20 grams, it does not affect the horse’s gait. Thanks to specially designed flexible mounting brackets, sensors are easy to install – on horses of all sizes. Measurements are taken on two hooves at the same time, to detect any asynchronism.
  • REMOTE CONTROL. The remote control is the size of a car key. This makes it quite handy. A button on the remote control starts and stops the measurement. The remote also features LEDs to indicate the status of the sensors and the remote.
  • TABLET. Our unique BLACK app runs on the tablet. This ensure prompt interpretation of measurements because the tablet performs the calculations.
  • Werkman BLACK Server. The system makes automatic backups of all data, including measurements, on the Werkman BLACK Server.
  • CHARGING. The case features a built-in charging station for wireless charging of the sensor and remote control. No more messy cables!
    • A backup battery is installed under the charging station. This gives the system two complete charges on-the-go, without ever having to plug in a cable.


The system was developed to complete the actual measurement in approximately one minute. It takes less than five minutes to send and interpret the data. Werkman BLACK measures the following variables:


1. Landing

Landing is the time from initial contact until the hoof comes to a complete stop. After this, the measurement moves on to the stance phase.

  • Landing times
  • Landing location
  • 3D animation of landing
  • L/R difference

Click on the images for a larger version

2. Stance Phase

Stance phase is the time from when the hoof comes to a complete stop on the ground until the heels lifts up.

  • Times
  • Animation

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3. Break Over

Break-over is the time from when the buttresses come 5 mm off the ground until the hoof is completely free of the ground. After this, movement proceeds to the swing phase.

  • Times
  • Break-over plot

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4. Swing Phase

  • 3D
  • Top view
  • Side view

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5. Footfalls

Footfalls: a visualization of the timing table that indicates simple asymmetries (differences between left and right).

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6. Ring of Werkman (ROW)

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The Ring of Werkman is an animated representation of the entire stance phase: the moment of contact between the hoof and the ground. The initial ground contact, the movement during the stance phase and the break-over point during break-over.
The Ring of Werkman shows all angles at which this occurs, for both walking and trotting, on both hard and soft surfaces.




High-precision sensors digitally record the smallest hoof movements and timings in Landing, Stance, Breakover and Swing.

Werkman BLACK Clinics

Our Werkman BLACK clincs around the world.

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Werkman BLACK Clinics

Our Werkman BLACK clincs around the world.

Click here for our Werkman BLACK clinics